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Dippin’ dots, middle age comeback and 3033

Cindy Tonkin - August 4, 2008

These are dippin’ dots (banana split flavoured). They are small “dots” of ice cream. They taste just slightly plastic (or maybe paraffin). I bought them at the candy store yesterday, although James got me some at the Yankees game back in May. At the yankees game they were served in a small baseball cap made of plastic. With banana split they have vanilla, banana and chocolate flavoured. Very refreshing if slightly bizarre.

Just saw Middle Age Comeback. A crazy duo who seem to specialise in nested loops. Last week they did a time machine thing. Tonight they started by holding up a bank and ended up doing a number of different heists while trying to get breakfast for the hungry guy.

They don’t have many different characters (ie each character is mostly just a version of themselves), but they have played 5 – 7 people both nights I have seen them. They (and the audience) tell the characters apart purely based on where the character was standing last time they spoke.

If one of them gets it wrong they make it part of the game. Same deal if one of them uses a malapropism (malapropisms are common here, not sure why). The other one calls it and makes it part of the malaprop’s backstory.

3033 was next. Bill and Alex (our week 1 and 2 teachers) were in it. It was a pretty straight narrative (how I discovered treasure and became rich – sort of an improvised Raiders of the Lost Ark). Highly fun. 5 guys tonight.

A great night!!

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