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Christmas 2019

Cindy Tonkin - November 20, 2019

The cricut maker and I have been playing with Christmas images. I made a purple tree to hang, based on a project in my cut out book. And a gold and a pearlescent large christmas tree mobile (pix to come when I find a place to hang at home).

I also made a series of small trees in a red and brown and gold paper which attached to a concertina makes a pretty good tree. (video below)

Then I experimented with A3 card (inherited from Rina) in blue (video below), the interesting thing was that the negative image of the blue trees made another tree, so I just pasted on a few of the stars and gift boxes and angels etc cut out from other pieces onto the trees. Now there’s a whole forest!

Unfortunately i ran out of time (needing to go to show tunes sing alongs all weekend for 2 weekends in a row takes away from art time!). I’ll get back to this.

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