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2 shows

Cindy Tonkin - July 31, 2008

It has just begun pouring. Torrential rain in sheets. In the 5 metres between the diner where I was hanging out between shows and the theatre I got soaked. The air con is on over drive. I am really freezing.

Photo of the shirt of the woman in front of me. I am waiting to see the “experimental” show from The Reckoning. Apparently it’s their jam, but they are so good people pay to see them.

This is the 2nd show for the night. The first was a half hour with a two some (whose name escapes me) who were tight – a man and a woman. I’d seen the woman play in an 8 last week and wasn’t so impressed. I am pretty much convinced that more than 5 or 6 is just an excuse for too many people to hand back.

Then Cook County Social Club were on. Four guys. Two of then were in the Shakespeare troupe last week.

Lots of great language stuff (as would be expected from people who were attracted to long form Shakespeare in the first place. They were tight, and well-tuned. While they did mostly boy-type scenes I wasn’t ho hum as I was for the Saturday show where it was boysy. The Tuesday night 8pm audience obviously demands different things.

So two good shows.

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