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Needlework Classics

Cindy Tonkin - July 17, 2021

Made this one in November / December 2020 but for some reason I never photographed it – i know i took it away to Pearl Beach with me before Christmas and I think that’s where I did most of the cutting away.

It’s a concertina, the images come from a set of images in a book called something like “The Twentieth Century in photographs”: every time I open it I feel like I shouldn’t cut it up, but then it’s only when i want to cut it up that I look at it!

There are 3 panels (maybe one day I’ll make more?). They are women themed. Some German women in the 40s exercising, women on the beach, selling flowers. Marie Curie, and antique telephone.

It started with wanting to use the images from the book, and then I found the bookcover languishing in my cupboard. the rest is history. I didn’t have enough white card big enough, so some of it is the manila colour.

I hesitated with colouring in – you can see that one of the carousels has lilac and green and red pastels shading in some bits.

I love it, i love its size. here’s a video.

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