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Cindy Tonkin - January 6, 2019

This is a newer version of the sling fold book which I made two days ago, see here.

this one i made from tyvek, because the encaustic one was ripping a little around the slits.

I had a pleasant side trip into finding out what will stick on tyvek. I am out of town on holiday making, so i didn’t have my entire arsenal with me.

I made a video of all the different inks that I tried, here it is. It’s hard to find out what works with Tyvek. I tried googling “how can I decorate Tyvek” and found some stuff specifically from kite makers.

I in the end decorated with stamps and my Irish Green Distress Ink (it’s not stable if wet on Tyvek, but I think I’ll be safe). I also did a few little dots in a gold Posca marker. They leave a pleasing pink halo around the gold.

the round stamp on this piece is in fact an offcut from a laser cut box that i couldn’t bear to discard. it gives a nice abstract image. I in fact attached it to a small stamp with wood glue so that it had a handle, so i’m very pleased with myself about that!

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