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Crown binding In the Pacific

Cindy Tonkin - May 10, 2014

Tried a new form today. Crown binding. No glue or stitching to bind pages together.
Here is last week’s maquette made from an old calendar following instructions from Alisa Golden’s Making Handmade Books.   And then i worked out the algebra to adjust the size and no of signatures. Separate post on that. Tested the algebra on a small book using old pages from world book encyclopaedia (on chickens and cars). Here it is.

    I used a 1cm concertina for the spine/crown binding. It’s a little fiddly. But it works.   So the final work uses my grandfather’s WWII photos like this one does. I joined the photos with tissue paper into single page signatures.  That way you can still read the back of the photo. Each signature can be removed from the spine. So this crown binding is great for old photos like this.

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