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Still Life at the Park Grill

Cindy Tonkin - August 11, 2008

Touristing today.

Only saw one show last night, the 8pm Saturday show is usually the Deltones, iO’s musical troupe. But it being the Del Close marathon in New York, it was instead two Harold teams.

Apparently how it works is when people complete their 12 months of courses, they get to be in a Harold Show on a Saturday night for 8 weeks. After that as few as 1 in 40 are invited to join a troupe at iO. So I saw good impro, but the audience wasn’t there either – where most shows fill the cabaret theatre, this was one third full. The players carried on regardless, and did well.

This morning I stopped in at the Old Town part of Chicago. Everything burnt down in 1871, Old Town was the first to rebuild – some beautiful old wooden houses remain (like Balmain weather boards, but taller).

Then it was Chicago Cultural Centre to see the Tiffany Glass ceiling (photos to come later).

I am now enjoying a steak salad at Millennium Park (where they have the reflective stainless steel sculpture called Cloud Gate, and the Frank Gehry designed auditorium). What a life!!

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