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Spiral Fold

Cindy Tonkin - June 20, 2020

I’m working my way through a series of pieces made with Nicola’s printmaking offcuts (you’ll see a picture of them in their 10 inch stack below).

The thing about the offcuts are that they are between 9 and 11cm wide and between 23 and 30 cm long, so those constraints dictate the options.

When she gave me the first batch I made these.

That kinda exhausted my well of ideas on what to do within the constraints. So I’ve been sitting on the ones she gave me since then. Last week I spent a whole evening just going through my book-books to find options. i have a huge long list of to dos with them now.

This one is the first.

It’s a spiral fold book. I remember when I first met Avril Makula at a Caren Florance workshop she made this one. She hand folded, and it was a long precision job. I was lucky because the cricut maker did that for me. I made it even easier because i didn’t get the cutter to cut anything, just score, so this spiral fold is somewhat uneven. i kinda don’t mind that.

To make the circle covers I had to join 2 of the offcuts together, but it worked out well in the end. I could have made the circles even stronger with a thicker card, because right now the circles bend a little at the edge, but that’s fine. I continue to think of all of my works as maquettes, and maquettes teach me things!

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