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Six months of collage

Cindy Tonkin - April 28, 2019

it’s an ongoing destruction of old records, old works and old things that no longer serve me going on at my place at the moment. in reorganizing my paper stocks I found these collages works which I did before I left Marrickville 6 months ago. they were using a lot of the ephemera collected on my 2012 trip to France, the last one I did with my ex-husband. this was supposed to be a way to purge some of the emotions from that relationship (did it work, who knows?).

Anyway, they are now in the recycle bin.

Here they are. Like some of the recent posts, they are probably already up on the site somewhere, but now they are here, and I can keep the fun of them. Some of these would work very nicely as a basis for some abstract works if I ever get back to painting!

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