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Shadows of Home

Cindy Tonkin - August 14, 2012

found objects, acrylic and thread on canvas 75×60 2012 This is part of my walk mini-series. It is based on a Sumerian map from the 13th century. It shows where I go on my morning walks. Right in the middle of this piece is “our” from a 1970’s sentence maker. Kids acquired words like this one and arranged sentences from a long holder a bit like we use to make scrabble words. My mum taught infants school for many years, and when she moved a few years ago she let me take a whole set of sentence maker words away with me! The shadowy building in the foreground of this work is cut from a piece of plastic mosquito netting I picked up in Enmore on one of my walks. I like the moiré patterns it creates when it folds against itself. The pearls come from an old doll’s necklace.

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