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Cindy Tonkin - August 3, 2018

Pleats is another excursion into Complete Pleats by Paul Jackson (like this, this and a few others from around the same time).

This piece is really just a concertina with some judicious cutting and gluing. The front of the piece comes from a calendar (as does all the work I’ve done this week and last). This particulara calendar features photographs of billboards in a Paris suburb, with the torn paper and the under-posters exposed.

The “book” is around 15cm high. This is actually 2 different ones. One of them I used a rubber stamp to decorate the backs of the pages (i’m out of town, in Bowral, making art, so i don’t have access to my full gamut of ideas, but I put the stamp pad ni at the last minute).

What is good about this work is that it lead to the next one: Poster.

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