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Cindy Tonkin: Testimonials – Many of my major clients have company policies against identified testimonials. Understandable, but not so good for me. So we do our best. If you’d like to talk to a client or two, please just contact me and I’ll arrange that for you. If you’d like to get a flavour of what people say, click on a link below

Get a sense of who I am by seeing me on video here. You can also see my certificates and awards here.

And here are a few others:

Cindy Tonkin testimonials

Thank YOU! Was awesome, very excited we agreed some concrete actions that will make a real difference.

Helen, GM, Insights and Analytics team, Major Telco

I thought she was excellent. She is warm, funny and passionate. I appreciated the manner in which she gave feedback and pushed us to our potential.

Improv student, public program

We’ve been working with Cindy for years and she has a wealth of research on management and how to do it. We’ve worked with her a lot on how we manage our clients more effectively. She always seems to send a piece of information at just the right time.

Janine, Market Research Manager, Major Aust Bank
Cindy Tonkin testimonials

I am now coming to the realisation of just how badly I have undersold myself.

Anne, Major Architecture Firm

Immediately after the session, every individual involved changed their behaviour.

Leanne, Lead Manager Learning and Knowledge, Major IT Consultancy

I found yesterday’s session really valuable in terms of insights into the department and creating a shared view of some of the challenges ahead.

EC, Change Manager, Major Australian Bank

I owned the room, I visualised the moderator and focussed on what people were saying as a way of not thinking about my nervous stomach – and had the least amount of nerves EVER for a public speaking engagement. I changed my posture from relaxed to alertness and this noticeably increased my confidence. I made sure I got all my three points across! Well worth the Bank’s money.

Chris, General Manager, Major Australian Bank

I can’t believe the changes that are coming out of a 90 minute meeting. I think it has had more impact than the sum of all meetings I have had in my professional life.

D, Senior Analyst, Research & Analytics, Major Australian Bank
Cindy Tonkin testimonials

I learnt an enormous amount and was extremely impressed by both your knowledge and bedside manner … I used an excellent question today, and it opened up a conversation which had become stuck.

Nicola, General Manager, National Training Company

Appreciate your sound guidance and wise counsel.

E, Executive general Manager, Major Aust Bank

Some invaluable concepts in leadership. I will remember some of them for the rest of my working career.

G, General Manager, Major Australian Bank