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Cindy Tonkin

Cindy Tonkin

Cindy Tonkin: Experienced and Entertaining Author, Speaker, Consultant

I’m Cindy Tonkin. I am a corporate consultant, best-selling author, artist and improviser. You can read my bio here.

I coach, train and consult to businesses across the world, and I live in Sydney, Australia.

I’m just beginning to write a new book series about What Women Want in their Career and how they can get it. I’d love to interview women in their twenties and thirties who work in corporate. Details here.

Perhaps someone has suggested I can help you with your business problems.

I asked my clients to describe me in 3 words. This is the resulting word cloud.

Cindy Tonkin

Cindy Tonkin Engaging, Energetic, Creative, Fun

Cindy Tonkin

Cindy’s Blue Chip Client Base

You can buy my best-selling book on setting up your consulting business, contact me, read some testimonials about my work or just find the business you’re after.

Cindy Tonkin

Cindy Tonkin improvises full-length plays with her troupe of fellow improvisers.

In my spare time I improvise, sing and make mixed media artworks.

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You can call Cindy Tonkin on +61 412 135 426, or email me.



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